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What Sets Us Apart

At PMI, we’re more than just a provider; we’re your partner in driving business growth. Our mission is to boost OEMs and dealers’ sales in equipment, attachments, parts, and services, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our Protect My Iron® Extended Protection Plans turn warranty services into strategic tools, enhancing your dealership’s offerings and retention.

Our custom solutions meet your dealership’s unique needs, offering control over pricing, brand management, and risk. Partnering with leading financial entities, we ensure robust support in product development, delivery, and marketing.

Our Services

Equipment Maintenance

Equipment Warranties

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How it Works

1. Choose Your Plan

Start by selecting the warranty plan that best fits your equipment or fleet needs from our comprehensive range of options.

2. Customization

Customize your coverage details to align perfectly with the operational requirements and risk preferences for your business.

3. Registration

Complete the registration process, and your warranty will be activated, giving you immediate coverage and peace of mind.

4. Service & Claims

Should an issue arise, simply file a claim. Our streamlined process ensures quick response and minimal downtime, so you can get back up.

Featured Solutions

Tailored Risk Coverage

Discover our custom-tailored coverage plans that adapt to the unique risks associated with your industry. By focusing on your specific needs, we ensure optimal protection against unforeseen expenses.

Quick Claim Processing

Benefit from our streamlined claim process that minimizes downtime and ensures rapid service so your operations can continue smoothly without interruption.

Flexible Financing Options

Explore our flexible financing solutions designed to make warranty coverage accessible and affordable, helping you manage costs effectively while maintaining high coverage standards.


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