Generator Warranty

Generator Warranty

Securing Continuous Power with Confidence

Our Generator Warranty is crucial for ensuring that your operations remain uninterrupted, even in the face of equipment failure. Designed to protect new and used generators, this warranty covers a wide range of components and situations that could halt your work, ensuring quick and effective solutions to maintain productivity.

Why Choose Our Generator Warranty?

Extensive Coverage

Beyond basic protections, covering critical areas that ensure your generator functions smoothly.

Flexible Terms

Tailored to fit both new and used equipment, providing comprehensive protection regardless of your generator’s age.

Quick Response

Ensures minimal downtime with efficient claim processing and onsite service options.

Comprehensive Coverage Includes:

Engine Components

All internal lubricated parts, along with specific ancillary systems.

Alternator & Housing

Includes the generator head, bearings, regulators, and all associated electrical components.

Control Panels

Covers all internal and external components of enclosed control panels.

Generator Warranty

Structural Elements

Protection for structural components, including specialized enclosures.

Generator Warranty

Optional Service Additions

Offers coverage for onsite repair services, reducing the need to transport equipment for repairs.

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Secure continuous power for your operations with our comprehensive Generator Warranty. Protect your investment and ensure operational reliability with coverage that keeps you powered up under any circumstances.