Peak Shaving Generator Warranty

Why Choose a Peak Shaving Generator Warranty

Protect Your Investment

Looking for affordable and sustainable energy sources? Tired of paying higher electricity costs for industrial facilities? Peak demand charge making most of your energy bill? Peak shaving may be what your company needs, but don’t forget about a generator warranty to protect your investment.

If your answer’s yes, you might need generator peak shaving.

Electricity demand typically peaks during specific times of the day such as late afternoon or evening, the warmest times of the day. As a result, there is an increase in the use of fans, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, and other cooling equipment.

Manufacturing and construction facilities require high energy for operating machines and to ensure timely production and deliveries.

The trouble is that the electricity rate is higher during peak operating hours, so business owners must pay an additional fee – which ultimately impacts the overall budget. Hence, businesses are on the lookout for ways to build a better future for themselves while saving on energy and cash, without compromising employee productivity.

Depending on the size of the business and the energy required, generator peak shaving could offer much-needed cost reductions and meet the power demands of your business.

However, many businesses remain unaware of this cost-saving energy resource despite its advantages.

What exactly is generator peak shaving, and when is it right for your business?

Let’s explore how industrial and manufacturing facilities can reduce utility bills without changing their energy load profiles.

Generator Peak Shaving – A Brief Overview

Energy is a core requirement for every business allowing it to perform its daily functions, serve customers and earn a profit. One of the most reliable source of energy is electricity, and while you are willing to pay for what it takes to run your business – you want to save money where you can, right?

Simply put, peak shaving is the process of reducing energy volumes purchased from the utility companies during the peak demand hours by placing a generator at your business facility. Its sole purpose is to serve on-site electrical needs during peak demand hours and reduce the cost of electricity.

Utility companies charge variable pricing based on demand, and the price during peak demand is the highest, allowing them to create additional capacity to meet increasing energy demands.

There are several ways to peak shave, such as:

  • Reducing consumption by turning non-essential machinery off during peak hours
  • Installing automated thermostats that reduce consumption.

But the most competitive resource for businesses is installing generator solutions to meet the additional demand during peak times.

Furthermore, it offers power to meet demand during a power outage or blackouts, hence making generator peak shaving an excellent emergency energy reserve. Peak shaving generators usually have an ROI between 3 to 5 years. Therefore, the reduction in the utility costs results in savings for more than 10 years with a generator peak shaving.


In many areas and states of the country, the majority of businesses and residents need power at exactly the same time, which leads to an increase in demand for utility power. Besides this, during the hottest period of the day, the consumption of cooling equipment increases while the energy load fluctuates at a business facility.

All of these could impact utility providers’ ability to meet the demand for energy and result in burnout. In order to overcome burnout stages, energy providers tend to charge higher for peak demand periods. Therefore, businesses combat higher energy costs with load leveling. Reducing large energy fluctuations and peak shaving are types of load leveling.

There are plenty of benefits of installing a generator for peak shaving; some of them are highlighted below:


Peak shaving or on-site power generators have associated installation costs but tend to reduce utility bills in the long run. They are capable of powering the entire facility even during high peak hours.


Instead of on-site power generation strictly between peak consumption times, generators help in generating and storing power for emergencies. This can be achieved through renewable solar or wind energy stored in batteries, consuming it when utility power is more expensive. That being said, you may want to look into a generator warranty.


Energy consumption in commercial and industrial settings varies significantly during the day, with prominent peaks and troughs. To meet this fluctuating demand, utility providers implement a diverse electrical strategy where businesses need to pay extra during peak demand periods. To succeed with peak shaving, it’s essential to cut back on energy or install power producing equipment to meet the demand during peak hours.

There are several factors like installation costs, planning and equipment expenses to consider when it comes to investing in a generator for peak shavings. That being said, when compared to its benefits, it’s clear that businesses can lower their utility costs, have an emergency power backup, and have higher employee and machinery productivity with generator peak shaving.

In a nutshell, if your business requires higher volumes of electricity and peak demand rates are making most of your utility bills, then your business or manufacturing plant needs a generator peak shaving solution.

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