Difference In Conditions Extended Warranty Coverage

Bridging the Gap in Machinery Protection

Our Difference in Conditions (DIC) Extended Warranty Coverage is designed to complement the limited coverage offered by OEMs, ensuring comprehensive protection for your machinery. This warranty serves as an additional layer over any existing powertrain warranty, covering critical components that might otherwise be exposed to risk.

Why Choose DIC Warranty?

Comprehensive Protection

Ensures coverage gaps left by OEM warranties are filled.


Can be added to any existing powertrain warranty, enhancing your coverage.

Peace of Mind

Reduces unexpected repair costs and downtime for critical systems.

Coverage Highlights

Engine Systems

From major assemblies to electronic controls and cooling systems.

  • Major Assemblies
  • Internal Components
  • High-Pressure Fuel System Components
  • Air Induction and Exhaust System
  • Lubrication System
  • Cooling System
  • Electronic Engine Control Module
Close-up of intricate machine gears showing detailed tooth profiles and signs of wear, illustrating complex mechanical engineering and maintenance needs.


Including all types of transmissions and their crucial components.

Drive Systems

Covers steering, brakes, axles, and more to ensure total mobility and control.

Hydraulic Systems

Extensive coverage for hydraulic controls, implements, and steering systems.

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Extend your coverage with our Difference in Conditions Warranty.
Secure complete protection for critical machinery parts and ensure seamless operations.