Aftermarket Warranties For Used Equipment

If you sell used equipment, you will want to consider offering your customers aftermarket warranty programs. These extended coverage programs provide unique perks to used equipment owners, which helps you give even more value to customers.

We’ve gathered up key advantages of aftermarket warranty programs for your used equipment customers. If you have questions or want to discuss options, the experts at ADI Agency are ready to help. Contact us today!


When customers purchase a new piece of heavy equipment, there is usually a standard warranty included. This can be offered by the OEM or the dealership, but either way it almost always comes with an expiration date. After a certain number of miles or hours, the included warranty is no longer valid. The warranty may also not be able to transfer from one owner to the next.

The end result? Customers who buy used equipment are usually left without any warranty coverage. That’s where aftermarket warranty programs enter the picture.

With an aftermarket warranty program, used equipment owners can get valuable coverage that they would otherwise lack.


There are many used equipment dealerships out there, but not all of them offer aftermarket warranty programs. This added service can make the customer’s buying decision easier. When choosing between a used equipment dealership that offers aftermarket warranty programs and a company that does not, the decision is easy!

Customers typically go with the company that offers more, even if they don’t end up purchasing the aftermarket warranty program. Offering your customers aftermarket warranty programs is a great way to boost your value and reputation, which can lead to more customers and more return customers.


By its very nature, used equipment will be facing some normal wear and tear. These models have already been in use, which means they are closer to needing maintenance than their new counterparts. Customers can be apprehensive about the risk of unexpected and expensive repairs, which is higher among used equipment. The solution? They can get an aftermarket warranty program.

The exact details of coverage depend on the situation, but they will usually cover these exact unexpected repairs that customers can worry about. Customers can alleviate their concerns with an aftermarket warranty program, which gives them valuable peace of mind about making their used equipment purchase.

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