Generator Warranty

Is Generator Warranty Worth Your Money?

Tired of the ongoing energy outages? It’s time to invest in a generator to keep your business running at full speed and avoid loss of revenue.

Power outages have a tremendous impact on your business, and one of the best ways to combat these issues is by investing in a generator. However, with the heavy use of generators comes the added expense of repairs and maintenance.

The prospect of replacing an expensive generator component or the entire machine is daunting because it means expensive services and downtime that can lead to business losses. That’s why it’s a good idea to get a reliable generator warranty that covers all the repairs, defects, and maintenance from the date of purchase until the warranty expires.

So, before you run out and purchase the largest model you can find for your business operations, it’s worth understanding why warranties work for mechanical equipment.


Simply put, generators are a great solution for meeting power requirements and keeping a backup of electricity. But powerful protection plays a vital role in its longevity and efficiency for your business.

These machines are huge investments, and you must maximize their value. The right warranty helps you do just that. It ensures peace of mind that your business operations continue smoothly in case of breakdown or power failures for years to come.

Bear in mind, the type of warranties your generator has depends on the manufacturer and the model. Moreover, what warranty covers also depends on the unit, but generally, it includes coverage for failures resulting from defects or faults in the unit’s materials or workmanship.

In other words, it covers everything beyond your control. But remember, failures and defects must be within the duration of the warranty period, not after that, as the warranty won’t cover the claim.


Coming to the question, what does it really protect? Well, generator warranties are designed to cover major components of the generator that could encounter problems, defects, or even need replacement.

In a nutshell, a generator warranty not only protects investment and bottom line but also covers damages resulting from engine parts failure, structural changes, control panels, and other factors.

Besides this, one must be aware of failures that aren’t covered by the warranty, for which the business owner must read the terms and conditions properly. In general, the warranty doesn’t cover:

  • User’s neglection or abuse of the generator
  • An accident due to carelessness like dropping of generator
  • Damage caused by a bad repair job
  • User not operating the generator as instructed by the manufacturer
  • Damage of failure caused by a component


Undeniably, the generator is a big investment and a necessity for businesses these days. But it’s also a means of having backup electricity in terms of power outages and inconveniences caused by a power shortage. It’s the time to ensure that you always have the means to power your business by investing in a warranty plan. Here’s why:

  • Lowers the risk of unexpected failure costs going beyond the standard warranty
  • Minimizes downtime
  • Repairs by factory-trained technicians and genuine parts
  • Technical assistance availability
  • Protection against rising labor, travel, and parts costs


One of the top concerns is the lack of warranty support once the standard warranty expires. During the warranty months, you can rest assured that your manufacturer can provide the necessary support that your generator demands.

Extended warranty plans are the perfect solution in that case as they cover repairs and servicing even beyond the standard warranty period.

A simple question has a simple answer – partner with a reliable extended warranty company that continues to deliver protection.


Ready to add years to your generator life with a warranty plan?

Just like insurance for your home or car, a warranty for your generator protects it against failings and saves you money, time, and, most importantly, stress.

If you are looking for a reliable warranty plan for your generator, get in touch with PMI Generator warranty experts. We stand behind our comprehensive warranty plans developed exclusively to protect your investment.

Reach out today to learn how we can help you secure your investment.


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