Large industrial generator on display inside a facility, highlighting its complex structure and mechanical components used in heavy-duty power generation.

Prime Power Generator Warranties Stop Downtime


Industries rely on power for everything, from running machinery to keeping employees comfortable and more. But it can be very challenging to fulfill this never-ending need for electricity, especially if the facilities are built away from the grid, on the outskirts of a city, for example.

In such cases, it’d be best to have a prime power generator that serves as your business’s primary electricity source.


A backup generator provides electricity when the main power fails. But a prime generator is the standard genset used as the primary power equipment to keep your business running.

A prime power generator can output anywhere from 25 kilowatts to 1 megawatt electricity. It can be run for long periods (even 24/7 if needed), eliminating the need for an electrical provider. However, it’d be best to ensure that low loading doesn’t happen, i.e., the generator is not used at below 50% of its rated prime load so that the engine burns fuel properly.


Several industries can use prime power generators as their primary source of energy.

  1. The primary industry that uses these generators are Microgrids. They must operate independently of electric utilities to supply energy to other sectors.
  2. Fracking and mining plants are often located in remote areas and need a reliable energy source to stay in operation. Prime power generators can help.
  3. Military bases may be located off-grid due to security reasons. This is why they require a source of power to keep them operational.
  4. While hospitals are on the grid, it’s best to connect life-saving machinery to an independent always-on power source.
  5. Prime power is a necessity for Cannabis cultivation and other agricultural facilities.
  6. Chemical industries may be located away from cities to minimize pollution. They draw a lot of energy, making it necessary for them to have a prime power generator.
  7. Any business or enterprise that risks enormous losses in case of power outages is better off investing in prime power.


These generators not only offer an uninterrupted flow of electricity, but you can also control the output per your requirement. They can also use different fuel types so the user can operate the machinery based on their convenience.

Using generators built to offer primary power is also a good idea since their kVA rating is typically much higher than backup generators. The load capacity is variable, and the run time is virtually unlimited, giving them a clear advantage over the alternatives.

That’s how these generators can help your business maximize uptime, be productive, and avoid data and product losses while demonstrating your reliability to clients.


Prime power generators are a necessity for businesses these days. If you are tired of worrying about a constant source of electricity, this is it.

However, like all things mechanical, the prime power generators also need regular maintenance and upkeep. This is all the more important if you are working yours to the max. It’d be best to get an extended warranty and insurance coverage when you purchase the generators.

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